Active Living Project - Biking Assessment

In August 2012 the Grays Harbor Public Health and Social Services Department and the Grays Harbor Council of Governments entered into an agreement to develop an assessment of existing bicycle facilities. The Active Living Project - Biking Assessment was funded through a Community Transformation Grant with the goal of carrying out priority health improvement initiatives.

The agreement proposed a small pilot project within the main urban core of Grays Harbor (Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, and Hoquiam) to identify existing bicycling facilities including multi use trails and preferred bicycle street routes; community activity centers and destinations; and impediments to biking. Community Biking Maps for the urban core and cities depicting trails and routes, condition, community destinations, and impediments were included as part of this project.

The Conclusion and Summary of Findings, see link below, will provide the full scope of the project, the methodology, outcomes, and recommendations. From this information two main ideas were brought forward:

Short-term - Develop a Bike Safe Bike Smart Grays Harbor brochure that includes safety tips, rules (helmet laws, riding with traffic flow, etc.), suggested routes, and locations where bikes can be safely parked.

Long-term - Develop a tri-city area Bike Facility Improvement Plan to identify needed improvements such as dedicated routes, bike lanes, bike racks, signage, and funding strategies.

Project materials:

crosswalk and landscape in Downtown Montesano
Downtown Montesano