Community street maps in PDF format, available for download.

Title Size Printing Price, per print
Aberdeen 40" $20
Cosmopolis 30" $15
Elma 36" $18
Hoquiam 40" $20
McCleary 36" $18
Montesano 36" $18
Oakville 30" $15
Ocean Shores 40" $20
Westport 36" $18
Central Park 36" $18
Aberdeen and Cosmopolis 50" $25
Aberdeen and Hoquiam 50" $25
Downtown Aberdeen 30" $15
Downtown Hoquiam 30" $15

Data source:
Street maps were created using the Bing basemap through the ESRI base map program, 2010.

Availability and use restrictions:
These street maps are made freely available for download in PDF format for your use.

Content disclaimer:
All maps come as presented and for listed price only – No Exceptions. Due to print size restrictions and readability, not all streets are labeled on each map– maps come as is.

Ordering prints:
The GHCOG can print wall size maps, as noted size and price for each map. Contact the GHCOG at 537-4386 or email to order prints. Prints will be picked up at the GHCOG office and be paid by cash or check only, credit cards are NOT accepted. Please allow at least a week for prints to be ready, maps are printed as needed, the office does not have a supply on hand.