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Grays Harbor Demographic Highlights - January 2017 update

The GHCOG Grays Harbor Demographic Highlights brochure has been updated with employment estimates from WA State Employment Security; 1 year and five year median house value and poverty estimates from the US Census Bureau; and population over 65 estimates from Office of Financial Management. See the link below for the brochure, in PDF format.

January 2017: Grays Harbor Demographic Highlights brochure

Public Funding Newsletter July 2016

The last installment for 2016 of the quarterly GHCOG Public Funding Notification Alert is now available! GHCOG publishes the newsletter quarterly to assist our members with finding funding for their transportation, infrastructure, recreation, and planning projects.

Programs of Interest

October 2016 Public Funding Newsletter

New! Bicycle Map for Grays Harbor County

GHCOG was able to partner with Grays Harbor Public Health and Social Services by providing technical and advisory assistance for the CONNECT Grays Harbor project. The project identified recreational and cross county bicycle routes and trails. With route and trail data in hand, Grays Harbor Public Health and Social Services formed a partnership with Grays Harbor Tourism to produce the Bicycle Map for Grays Harbor as a new addition to the active living map series.

The Bicycle Map is a comprehensive bike map helping residents and visitors chart their bicycle courses along roads and trails throughout the area. From quiet country roads to adrenalin producing trails, this map provides information about a variety of terrain for cyclists of all types, ages and abilities.

For background information on the CONNECT Grays Harbor project, see the GHCOG Planning and Community Development page -

Look Here! for PDFs of the Guide to Bicycling the Roads & Trails of Grays Harbor County, sponsored by Grays Harbor Tourism.

Page 1 - Grays Harbor Bicycle Map
Page 2 - Grays Harbor Bicycle Map

East Aberdeen Mobility Project – Final Report

Increasing vehicle, freight and rail traffic along US 12 in East Aberdeen is resulting in traffic congestion and delays. In order to document existing conditions and analyze options to ease congestion and improve safety, the Grays Harbor Council of Governments has initiated the East Aberdeen Mobility Project. The final plan will identify the highest and best alternative, specifically designed to address deficiencies and provide a roadmap for moving the project forward.

The final report for the East Aberdeen Mobility Project is posted on the project website at:

New tools let you quickly find U.S. Census Bureau data!

US Census Quick Facts Tool - Fast and easy access to facts about people, business, and geography. A simple way to find US Census data for communities, counties, and states. Browse multiple data sets at one time!

Census Explorer - US Census Bureau's interactive map series. Explore several themed maps from multiple Census data sets and collection years.

Applying for Grants and Loans

The February 18th grant and loan workshop, hosted by Public Works Board and the Grays Harbor Council of Governments, materials are available, see PDF file below.

February 18: Grant Application Workshop Handout

NOAA Marine Debris Program - Japan Tsunami Debris: Information and FAQs

The March 2011 tsunami that hit Japan washed debris into the Pacific Ocean. While heavier materials sank close to shore, lighter material have been scattered by winds and ocean currents in the North Pacific. Items have already begun landing on the U.S. West Coast. See Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Joint Information Center and NOAA's Japan Tsunami Debris information and FAQs websites for more information and where to report tsunami debris.

Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Joint Information Center: